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Turn your backyard into your very own water park with the Hydro Rocket™ Splash Blaster. Use the stomp pad to generate water pressure power and release to launch the Hydro Rocket™ high into the air—up to 35 feet high! Watch as the rocket blasts up and releases a wild splash of water on the way down! This easy-to- assemble aquatic toy connects to any standard garden hose.

Ages: 5 years and older

PLEASE NOTE: The Hydro Rocket™ Splash Blaster ships to us in random colors, which may vary from the images shown. We will choose a color for you based on availability


  • Includes Hydro Rocket™, launch pad, launch tube, connecting hose, and stomp pad
  • Requires garden hose (not included)
  • Colors may vary
  • Encourages interaction and outdoor activity
  • Reinforces visual cause and effect
  • Blasts up to 35 feet high
  • Stomp pad controls water pressure and geyser power
  • Rocket goes up; splash comes down
  • Made from ABS plastic & non-phthalate PVC
  • Outdoor watery FUN!
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