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POMPOM BIRDS—13 or 21 inches

RAINBOW POMPOM: Zooming down from a fabulous planet, Rainbow Pompom is here to dazzle! This quirkster's just a big soft ball of colorful sherbet fluff. Those violet legs and neck and nose are suedey-sweet—great for running and discovering! Here to dance and discover new games, Rainbow Pompom can't wait to meet you! Measures 13 inches tall.

GREY POMPOM: Grey Pompom is Rainbow's cousin, and comes from a star so far away. Fuzzy and funny, this puffy, fluffy diva is looking divine with long, pink suedey leggies. Welcome Grey Pompom to little blue Earth with plenty of cuddles and jellybeans. But prepare for pompom mayhem! Measures 21 inches tall.

COTTON CANDY POMPOM: Cotton Candy Pompom is rather unique! This quirky pal has specially colored fur in marshmallow and lilac mottles—no two Pompoms are the same! We wouldn't have it any other way. Adopt this playful scamp and bring some big-footed, bright and bubbly bounce to the playroom! Measures 21 inches tall. 

RASPBERRY POMPOM: Raspberry Pompom is ready to hit the disco! This loveably lanky fluffball friend is as soft and yummy as a big bowl of ice-cream! This Pompom loves to pose in suedey pink space boots to match that cool tall neck and beak! Why not come along, strut and stroll, and be as silly as you like? Measures 13 inches tall.

Ages: 1 year and older

Our Pompom Birds are available in 4 styles; see descriptions above for colors and sizes. Please choose one style when ordering.


  • Jellycat® of London offers a unique combination of quirky, whimsical designs with luxuriously rich fabrics. Once you pick up a Jellycat®, you will know these plush toys are different—they are sumptuous!
  • Imaginative play companion.
  • Encourages children to explore and learn about a variety of animals.
  • Not recommended for children under 12 months due to fiber shedding.
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