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Maybe you never had the chance to zoom around on a scooter like this as a kid. From toddlers to teens, kids can't resist putting a knee, a bottom, a foot or a belly down for a spin on Fun and Function's 12" Scooter Board with Handles.

Across abilities and age ranges, many traits make this 12-inch scooter a favorite for safety and fun. A broad, flat surface, close to the ground means less likelihood of injury. The contoured handles that help children grip this sturdy plastic scooter offer outstanding stability and balance. And you'll appreciate the fact that playing on a scooter like this develops strength of the upper and lower extremities. Toy scooters support motor planning and vestibular activities. Children can sit, kneel or lie in a prone position for prone extension on their scooter.

Ages: 3 years and older (up to maximum of 120 pounds)

Available in two colors: Blue or Red (not shown). PLEASE SPECIFY COLOR CHOICE ABOVE WHEN ORDERING.


  • 12-inch square seating area holds up to 120 pounds
  • Has contoured handles for stability and balance
  • Made with 360-degree swiveling non-marring plastic casters
  • Balance and motor-planning tool—Helps kids learn directions, gain stability and balance, and support vestibular activities in a fun, movement-based environment
  • Strength-building benefits—Works to develop strength of the upper and lower extremities; Can be used while sitting, kneeling or in a prone position for prone extension
  • Multiple uses—Use at home or at school for free playtime or during obstacle courses for high levels of strength-building and fun
  • Safe and high-quality—Made with durable, long-lasting and safe materials, including non-marring plastic swivel casters; Adult supervision is required
  • Fun for all kids—Kids will love scooting and playing on this Scooter Board, especially those on the autism spectrum or with sensory balance challenges
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