Welcome to The Toy Store...

Welcome to The Toy Store...

Welcome to The Toy Store Blog! We are so excited to share our knowledge and expertise on all things toys.

The Toy Store is a family-owned and operated business in Kansas. We established our business in 1975, in downtown Topeka, KS. After 40+ years in business we have grown into two beautifully expansive stores. Still located in Topeka, we have a sister store in historical downtown Lawrence, KS.  The Toy Store has both embraced and become part of the communities we serve.

Our expert staff takes pride in being the most knowledgeable source on children's playthings in the area. Old-time nostalgia and modern quirkiness blend together to create a unique experience. The Toy Store inspires creativity, individual thinking, and community awareness through play, scientific inquiry, and reading! We stock today's finest toys, books, and games, all the while embracing the classic toys you remember fondly from your childhood.


As you may have noticed we aptly titled our blog as We the Toyologists, and you may be a little confused as to what that means. Well, here is a basic explanation: Toyology is the exploration of toys and play, and a Toyologist is the person who does this, specifically our employees. Our owner Margaret considers herself the Senior Toyologist, or expert on ALL things toys, and our staff all have their own expertise too! We have everything from Book-ologists, to Wizard-ologists, even Star Wars-ologists, and everything else in-between. Our staff expertly pick their -ology to reflect what they are interested in or their personality. Sometimes we use the -ology to expresses the area of the store that we specialize in. For example, Nick (one of our Store Managers) is Baby-ologist. He has been instrumental for curating some of our bestsellers in our Baby & Toddler department. No matter our -ology, we all share a similar passion: to offer the best insight and suggestions for whoever that special little person is in your life.


At The Toy Store we love to play and explore all the new and exciting things that toys and the world of play have to offer, so one thing we want to accomplish with this blog is to provide several different insights from all of our Toyologists. We hope that our blog will help provide the insight into some of your burning questions about toys and play. This shouldn't be thought of as a "mommy" blog; it should be looked at as a lifestyle blog. We love to have fun, but we also take our jobs very seriously.


In addition to all of our expert knowledge we offer tons of weekly and monthly activities in both of our stores. Follow us on Facebook @The Toy Store (Lawrence) or @The Toy Store (Topeka), Instagram @thetoystorelawrence and @thetoystoretopeka, and on Twitter @toystorelaw and @toystoretopeka!


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