6 Springy Ideas for Easter

6 Springy Ideas for Easter

Six great budget friendly ideas for your little one's Easter Basket!

Shopping for Easter is hard right after a busy winter holiday.  The Toy Store is here to help!  We’ve got some great gift ideas for your youngster! Whether it’s the kid that loves crafts or the kid that loves the outdoors, we’ve got wonderful springtime gift ideas even if you aren’t celebrating Easter.  Here are our top six suggestions:

  • Egg Mazing Egg Decorator: This amazing first toy from HeyBuddyHeyPal will help you and your kids decorate this year’s eggs in a fun and mess-free way!  It spins the hard-boiled egg while you use a marker to make fun designs!

                 Eggmazing LogoEggmazing


  • Root Viewer:  The Root Viewer from Toysmith offers a long-lasting, rewarding, and educational outdoors experience. This toy helps teach kids how plants look as they’re growing and includes three varieties of seeds (but feel free to use your own!).  The best part is that at the end you’ll have a freshly grown carrot, onion, and radish!  



  • Fubbles Bubble Machine:  The best part about warmer days is that The Toy Store gets to put out Bubble Bear out front.  Fubbles Bubble Machine brings the bubbles home and is a great toy for a kid of just about any age.  Just put in the bubble solution and watch it go.  Check out our other great bubble products as well.  



  • Fluffy Bunny Squishable:  Probably the cutest bunny stuffed animal you’ll ever see.  No kid can resist this huggable, round bunny!  And if bunnies aren’t your thing, check out our collection of other Squishables from the pizza to the floppy disk to the donut.  Always cute and very unique.


  •  Premier Kites:  With many different designs and sizes, Premier Kites offer quality and simplicity.  A kite is a great gift to get the whole family outside not only on Easter but all spring long.  


  • My Egg Carton Animals:  Once you’re done with the eggs you don’t have to throw away the carton.  Instead, with this book and craft kit, you can create all kinds of animals.  Includes paints, googly eyes, and much more.  


Bonus for parents:  Don’t forget to come in and check out our Eco-friendly Easter grass and plastic eggs made from 100% renewable content.  These are great for putting baskets together.  



Make this Easter and spring fun and easy with any of these toys.  


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